Peer Review Process

1- After submitting the paper to the author by system, the paper will be primarily studied based on publishing experts (maximum a week). (Please study the guidelines of authors carefully to expedite the review process and set up the paper as precise as codification guidelines in the system and then submit).

If it is accepted in the first stage, the paper will be assessed by the editor, A weekly email will be submitted to the reviewers and the paper will be given back due to lack of paper review after one month, then it will be sent to another reviewer. Based on requested modifications level, the viewpoints of reviewers, the accuracy and speed of the modifications done by authors, being accepted in this publication takes about two months (in case of final approval by reviewers).

2- Secretary specialist and scientific committee based on relevant content and subject. This stage will usually take a week.

3- After third phase acceptance, paper will be sent to two reviewers, then the review process of the paper is as following:


A- If two reviewers reject a paper, it will be disapproved.

B- If the opinion of two reviews is major/minor revision of the paper, paper will be submitted to the author for revision.

C- If a reviewer`s opinion is major/minor revision and the second one rejects the paper, the paper will be submitted to the third reviewer and according to his idea relevant to the first and second item, a decision will be made.


4- When the author modified the paper and submitted it, the paper would be given to another reviewer for comparative assessment. It is worth noting that the information of reviewers and authors is hidden for both parties.