Technostress creators and inhibitors on employee job satisfaction: A digital transformation perspective of an Indonesian shipping company

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University of Bunda Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia


Digitalization is the process of using technology in a company in its operational activities, and in the process, this digitalization involves management and employees in a company and can cause additional workload on the team that is the front line for the occurrence of digitalization. The purpose of this study is to see whether the workload on employees in a shipping company with digitalization crowned technostress (technostress creators and technostress inhibitors) during the digitization process and how it affected job satisfaction mediated by employee engagement.This study found that technostress creators and technostress inhibitors did not influence job satisfaction directly, but both variables would have a positive and significant influence if mediated by employee engagement. Hence, it can be concluded that employee engagement is fully mediating between technostress creators and technostress inhibitors on job satisfaction in the shipping company.


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