The utilization of the PIECES framework to gauge user satisfaction among investors of the Bibit mutual fund application

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Business Administration, Mulawarman University, Samarinda, Indonesia


In keeping up with the ever-advancing landscape of technology, numerous sectors are adapting to the ongoing changes. Capitalizing on this trend, the digital investment platform known as the Bibit mutual fund application emerged. Offering a plethora of investment options, including money markets, bonds, stocks, Sharia-compliant investments, and government securities, Bibit stands out as the most widely-used mutual fund application with a user share of 32.9%, as reported by a Populix survey. With a substantial user base, it becomes essential to employ methods for assessing user satisfaction based on the elements constituting the system. One such method that can be used for measurement and evaluation is PIECES, which stands for Performances, Information and Data, Economics, Control and Security, Efficiency, and Service. PIECES is a tool for analyzing computer-based information systems, comprising crucial points useful as guidelines for system analysis. This research adopts a quantitative approach with a correlational study design. In this study, primary data is collected through the distribution of questionnaires among 100 users of the Bibit mutual fund application within the investor community. Respondent selection is based on purposive sampling, with criteria including active or former Bibit users, a minimum of one investment transaction, and willingness to participate in the study. The findings of this research indicate that both information and data, as well as service, have a partial influence on user satisfaction.


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