Investigating psychological, emotional, brain and neurological factors on investors' behavior

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Khatam University, Iran


It is very difficult not to look at the capital market (stock) as an individual. This market has conditions that can change from good to bad. It can act quickly and have some modifications the next day. The question now is; can psychology help us understand the capital market? Does market analysis give us insight into our trading strategies? Behavioral financial theories suggest that this is possible. Most investors invest regardless of market conditions, while identifying the type of market behavior can achieve better results. Our main goal in addressing this issue is to identify the psychological factors of the market and review some concepts such as financial-neurological, financial-emotional and financialhormone. One of the advantages of this article is a comprehensive look at behavioral finance along with other relevant and new sections such as neurological finance, emotional finance and hormone finance, which are often examined separately. In order to present this article, various sources and tables have been used along with images that can provide a better understanding of the content.


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