Strategic competitor assessment for robust digital connect: A case study on Calcutta Management Association of India

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St Xavier’s University, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


The trend of having a strong digital presence for every organization has become a need. Earlier even though the organizations or associations that did not require a digital presence and could continue working without it, now cannot survive without it all because of the Pandemic Covid 19. This study focuses on such an organization- Calcutta Management Association (CMA) which now needs a strong digital base for it to stand out among its peers and also for its own existence as well. With proper R&D, to come up with strategies, competitor analysis, etc., helping the organization in establishing a better digital footprint. The workings of the competitors/peers are analyzed and compared it with CMA, derived at feasible solutions for it to achieve, stating all the problems that needs to be addressed. The researcher tried to compare the basics through questionnaire sent to 1100 individuals to the existing members of the association and to its peers, to have understanding and familiarity about the members’ expectation and the gap in the activities from other associations. The study carried out from the month of February 2021 to July 2021. Both primary and Secondary research have been involved in the study to reach to decisive state, which would help CMA is rerouting its future course of actions and helps achieve its well-defined objectives.


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