Implications of work discipline, job satisfaction and work supervision on employee performance

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Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Mahardhika, Surabaya, Indonesia


This research was conducted to explore the crucial factors influencing employee performance in the work environment. The variables under consideration were work discipline, job satisfaction, and work supervision, as they were believed to have a significant impact on employee performance PT. SPN Sidoarjo, Indonesia, aimed to enhance employee performance to attain better company objectives. Therefore, this study sought to provide a deeper insight into the relationship between work discipline, job satisfaction, work supervision, and employee performance. The research employed a quantitative approach, utilizing multiple linear regression analysis. A total of 50 employees from the company participated in the study. Data analysis was carried out using the SPSS program. The research findings indicated that all independent variables (work discipline, job satisfaction, and work supervision) had a positive and significant influence on employee performance, both individually and collectively. This article contributes to a comprehensive discussion on the implications of work discipline, job satisfaction, and work supervision on enhancing employee performance


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