Servant leadership to improve innovative work behavior through person organization fit and knowledge sharing behavior as mediation variables at employees of PT Telkom Akses Surabaya Utara, Indonesia

Document Type : Original Article


Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya, Indonesia


This research focuses on examining servant leadership as a means to enhance innovative work behavior among employees of PT Telkom Akses North Surabaya, Indonesia. It also aims to explore the mediating variables of person-organization fit and knowledge sharing behavior. The research employs a quantitative approach, specifically explanatory research, to test and either support or refute existing theories or hypotheses. Data will be collected through a questionnaire distributed to 145 employees from different units within the organization. Testing was carried out using the PLS-SEM approach using a tool in the form of statistical software, namely Smart PLS 4.0. The findings of the study indicate the following: Servant leadership has a meaningful and positive impact on person-organization fit. Servant leadership has a favorable but statistically insignificant effect on knowledge sharing behavior. Person-organization fit positively and significantly influences knowledge sharing behavior. Servant leadership has a substantial and positive impact on innovative work behavior. Person-organization fit significantly and positively affects innovative work behavior. Knowledge sharing behavior significantly and positively influences innovative work behavior. This research contributes to adding to existing knowledge by providing insight into the interactions between the variables discussed.


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