Identify and prioritize the success criteria of entrepreneurship education and economic development based on multi-criteria decision model

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Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch, Iran


Entrepreneurship has a long presence in human history. Although, academic focus on this subject has a short history. One of the issues in this area is the success criteria of entrepreneurship education. In this study, identification of success criteria for entrepreneurship education has been studied. For this purpose, after studying the existing literature, 31 criteria that lead to success in the field of entrepreneurship education and consequently economic development, were identified. With the cooperation of ten of the entrepreneurship professors, 12 criteria that were the most important were selected. Finally, using fuzzy ANP method, these criteria were ranked as follows: 1- Scientific ability and skills of professors, 2- Quality of information and Content, 3- Coordination of education with the needs of society, 4- Teaching courses in a practical way (by professors), 5- Communication with industry and commercial institutions, 6- Ability and active role of students, 7- Knowledge of students from the business environment, 8 - The level of students' creativity, 9- Identifying and stimulating entrepreneurial talents and skills, 10- Interaction between professors and students, 11- Presence of activists in this category and top entrepreneurs in classes (guest speaker), 12- Interaction between students.


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