Tendency to consume Iranian / foreign home appliances taking into account the economic, social and cultural factors affecting it

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1 Islamic Azad University, Roudhen Branch, Iran

2 Alzahra University, Iran


The home appliance industry is very influential in society due to its close relationship with people and the use of its products on a daily basis. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate and identify the factors affecting the tendency of consumers to Iranian / foreign home appliances. The statistical population includes all the households living in Tehran and people over 20 years of age, in the three selected locations in 2016. The sampling method was a multi-stage cluster in which areas, blocks, households and finally respondents were selected completely randomly. The assessment tool of this research is a questionnaire which was collected by professional questioners. The validity of the questions was examined in two stages of pre-test and final test by Cronbach's alpha test and the data was analyzed using the SPSS software. The results showed that in addition to the contextual variables of age and ethnicity, cultural, economic capital and media consumption have the greatest impact on consumers' tendency to household appliances. If these investments and media consumption increase, the tendency to foreign home appliances increases, and if they decrease, the tendency towards Iranian home appliances will increase. As the importance of basic, aesthetic, and competitive advantages increases, the tendency toward foreign appliances will increase. Other findings of this study show that young generation have a tendency towards foreign home appliances while aging people have a tendency to Iranian home appliances. The relationship between people's characteristics and desire in their tendency to this type of products was also confirmed the study. Also, more than a quarter of the statistical population were likely to get married and start a family, so according to the findings, it is possible to buy home appliances and for the other three quarters, it is possible to buy or replace home appliances.


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