Literature review: Assessing the success factors of Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) implementation using the HOT-FIT method in Indonesia

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Business Administration, Mulawarman University, Indonesia


The hospital management information system (HMIS) is an integrated information and communication system designed to manage all service processes within a hospital, contributing to accurate and timely information provision and overall healthcare management. This study aims to conduct a literature review to identify the influential factors in the successful implementation of the HMIS using the HOT-Fit method delineated by several indicators. Data collection was carried out through secondary data from previously conducted research. A total of 12 journals from the period 2021-2023 were analyzed. The results indicate that the human factors influencing the successful HMIS implementation are user satisfaction and system utilization. Organizational factors include top management support, staff capability, work environment, organizational structure, project management, and facility conditions. Technological factors comprise system quality, information quality, service quality, and vendor support. Measures to improve HMIS implementation success may include system user training, enhancement of HMIS supporting infrastructure, periodic HMIS performance evaluation, and technology quality improvement for optimal results.


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