Investigating the effect of higher education on agricultural exports in a selection of middle-income countries

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Islamic Azad University, Tehran Branch, Iran


The life of all human beings on the planet depends on several factors, the occurrence of defects in each of them or their poor performance will cause irretrievable issues. Agriculture, due to its huge food supply, is one of the sectors that lives of billions of people on the planet dependent on it. Appropriate use of this sector requires proper thinking and action. Naturally, trained and specialized manpower will be able to use technology to make this sector prosper, so that not only rural development is possible, but also to give the green economy to the people of their country. With more and more sustainable growth, agriculture export increases and consequently competitiveness in international markets would be more stable. Therefore, the present study examined the effect of higher education on the development of agricultural exports in a selection of middle-income countries during the years 2000-2019. The results of this study showed that allocating a percentage of GDP to the higher education sector along with the number of students enrolled in the university had a negative effect on agricultural exports, but the number of the population of the studied countries had a positive and significant effect on agricultural exports.


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