Presentation of Health, Safety and Environment Management (HSE) program in metal mining industry (including case study)

Document Type : Original Article


1 Tehran University, Iran

2 OOj Uni, Qazvin, Iran


Having a jeopardy free life has been a wish and aim for everyone over ages, because the desire for safety and security is an integral part of the nature of all human beings, and the tendency to safety as an essential need is one of the most obvious and logical principle for most organizations. The aim of this study is to present a health, safety and environment management program in the metal and mining industry. The methodology used in this research is both descriptive and analytical and to conduct it, a \"Questionnaire\" was used as the research tool. The study was done in Calsimin Company, Dandy Lead and Zinc Concentration Complex. In this study, the investigation goal was to prioritize the lead and zinc concentration complex units to regulate intolerable and undesirable environmental risk issues. The results found that the first priority in improving the environmental issues and reducing the level of risk arising from them, is the product storage unit. Also, the water supply unit has the least impact on the environment by having six environmental issues, all of which have an acceptable level of risk.


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