Investigating the impact of social responsibility and contracts on the performance of managers and organizations

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Department of Business Management, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


In the present age, in order to achieve success in all fields, organizations must respond appropriately to social expectations and ethical rules, and by observing work ethic and social responsibility, best combine such expectations with the economic goal of the organization to make higher goals possible. Organizations to perform tasks with the highest efficiency and effectiveness and thus achieve goals and missions, in addition to complying with organizational rules, need a set of ethical guidelines that help them in this matter and by creating coordination, move them towards Facilitate the desired situation. Observing business ethics and social responsibility by increasing the legitimacy of the organization 's actions, profitability and improving the competitive advantage affect the success of the organization. In general, ethics in organizations is defined as a system of values and dos and donts based on which the good and bad of the organization are identified and the bad action is distinguished from the good. Companies operating in today 's turbulent environments are more likely to encounter unforeseen demands and needs from customers. Today, social responsibility is also considered essential for many companies. Social responsibility has become an integral part of business around the world, and companies devote a significant portion of their costs to activities related to social responsibility. Therefore, due to the importance of this issue in this article, the main purpose of this article is to study the impact of social responsibility and contracts on the performance of managers and organizations.


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