Internal and external mechanisms to achieve the strategic goals of the export investor

Document Type : Original Article


1 Accounting Department, Noshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Noshahr, Iran

2 Management Department, Noshahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Noshahr, Iran


The key role of managers of export companies is to determine strategic goals and ways to achieve these goals. Based on the study of the theoretical foundations of the planning and implementation research, the level of internationality, market dynamics and the intensity of competition were considered as factors that can be related to the realization of the strategic goals of the export investor, and based on that, the conceptual model and research hypotheses were formulated. The research is applied in terms of descriptive-correlational methods. The statistical population of the research is active export companies, which were active in export for 10 years continuously. Based on the purposeful sampling method 80 companies were selected as samples. The data collection tool was a researcher-made questionnaire whose validity was calculated based on the content validity test and its reliability was calculated based on the Cochran model. Pearson analysis, t-test and regression were used to test the hypotheses. Based on the results of the Pearson test, the significance level obtained in the investigated hypotheses is less than 0.05, which indicates a significant relationship between the variables in the investigated hypotheses. The results of the T test show that, in all hypotheses, the calculated t is significantly greater than t(α).so, there is a positive and significant correlation between the investigated variables in each hypothesis, Linear regression analysis was used to check how much of the export investor's competitive strategy is predicted based on the included factors. The coefficient of determination shows that 39.9% of the observed dispersion in the dependent variables is justified by the independent variables.


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